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It’s great to be reminded that dance music can simply – and beautifully – exist solely as a functional collection of sounds that gets people moving on the dancefloor. This is the unapologetic premise at the heart of Phillipi’s second solo EP, ‘Terra Gira’ on DEEWEE. 

The lead track, ‘Hacido’ is a driving, peak-time banger that delightfully mixes old school acid house flavours a la Larry Heard and DJ Pierre with the modern squiggles beloved of Overmono. ‘Tensao’ is equally dynamic – a jackin’ metronomic groove blended with some suitably disorienting touches. ‘Todo Dia’ meanwhile has a classic – in both senses of the word – Derrick Carter, Chi-town vibe.

Recorded, produced and mixed at DEEWEE
Photography: NASA/GSFC
Art Direction: Ill-Studio

A Hacido
B1 Tensao
B2 Todo Dia